Greetings AquaGoat Family,

The team is proud to announce our partnership with Alexander Yee and Friends of Sea Turtles Education & Research (FOSTER) to construct the AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery, and to clean 500m worth of beach on Libaran Island!

To elaborate on our partnership, AquaGoat will be sponsoring the construction of a sea turtle hatchery at Walai Penyu Resort and the daily clean up of 500 metres of beach for an entire year to support sea turtle nesting on the beaches of Libaran Island. Every 100m of beach sponsored will have signage commemorating AquaGoat. …

Greetings AquaGoat family!

AquaGoat is proud to announce our fresh hot-off-the-presses audit from ImmuneBytes! With this audit, we bring additional peace of mind and comfort to our community of Goats who continue to hold with us.

Our smart contract has passed with flying colours, with only minor low-severity issues which are common with other smart contracts, and pose no danger to our investors. Even with the Admin/Owner privileges brought up in the audit, none of the privileges can be accessed as the AquaGoat smart contract is owned by the PancakeSwap Deployer, which itself is self-managed by the smart contract.

For any Goat interested in reviewing our audit, feel free to check the link below for more info! A major thanks to ImmuneBytes for your great work and high-quality audit!



Greetings AquaGoat Family,

The AquaGoat team is pleased to post our very first post here on Medium! We will be utilizing this amazing platform to post important information regarding AquaGoat, such as updates on developments, events, partnerships, donation drives, and anything else related to AquaGoat! Hope to see the rest of the Goat family here to follow us along on our journey to a cleaner and bluer ocean!

Best regards,

AquaGoat Team

AquaGoat Finance

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