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Greetings Goats,

If you did not know yet, AquaGoat will be migrating over to a new and improved V2 contract with attractive features that will provide long term benefit for our project;

  • Better Tokenomics; 5% liquidity and 4% for holders on every transaction
  • Hard-coded Charity Tax; 1% of every transaction is sent to our charity wallet for charitable use and partnership funding
  • Exchange Tokenomics; It is now fair for all holders, whether holding in a wallet or a…

Aquagoat AMA 22nd September — Written summary of main points

**Aquagoat AMA written summary 22nd September 2021**

Been a very busy few weeks, let’s get everyone updated…

Jhunehl was LIVE at the UN endorsed Oceans Conference in San Diego. In person!

Aquagoat are running a physical booth there and are explaining our mission to attendees. Everyone is super interested, engaged and all see the innovation and what we are trying to achieve. Just one of the people that she chatted to was the president of the Marine Technology Society and she was super interested in partnering with us to do…

Case-by-case final migration process from V1 to V2 contract

(Important Update 2 of 2)

The whole team here have heard your concerns and we have decided we want to provide a final opportunity for long term holders of Aquagoat to be able to come with us on the journey in V2. If you are a genuine long term investor who cares about our project but missed our three week long migration period, this opportunity is for YOU. Please read the below very carefully.

Since we announced the transfer of Aquagoat V1 to V2, we have been handling an unprecedented amount…

Important Information Regarding V1 Contract Price

(Update 1 of 2)

Yesterday, many investors were shocked to see a massive spike in V1 price and were surprised to receive significantly less tokens when they tried to sell what they thought was a huge bag. The V1 price on TrustWallet and CMC are not accurate. You can see the correct value on Pancakeswap or Poocoin. This incredibly high price growth people started seeing yesterday is INCORRECT and has nothing to do with the V2 migration.

Many investors saw their TrustWallet yesterday thinking their investment rose 10,000% but when trying to sell they…

If you are an AquaGoat holder looking to join the token migration, please read below.

If you are a holder on an exchange, please read from Step 1.

If you are holding through a crypto wallet, please skip to Step 6.

Step 1 — Download a crypto wallet from the app store (We recommend TrustWallet or MetaMask)

Step 2 — Set up a new wallet and save your 12 word seed phrase! Never give it to anyone as this is the key to your tokens! No one on the team will ever message and ask you for your seed phrase!

AquaGoat Swap lottery Function details, launch schedule and the Oceans Conference


The dev team have now received the final launch plan and schedule from our developers Antier. who are creating the AquaGoat Swap. The aim of this note is to be as transparent as we can about what’s coming and when, as well as give you some exciting details about the functionality we are building into the swap for the community and our token. PLUS we have some detail about an upcoming physical appearance at the UN endorsed Oceans Conference in San Diego!

Let’s get into it….

We can…

**Executive Summary of whats going on right now in this project (For the time poor)**

*Phase 1 of Aquagoat Swap — Antier Solutions working hard on development. Patrick chasing for update*

*Talks with a top 10 exchange ongoing and active focus. Price action expected*

*Marketing ads and other material for when the swap is ready to go*

*Comms strategy ramping up*

*Certik Audit published*

*Press releases for daily beach clean ups that just started with our partner FOSTER (for the area where our turtle hatchery will be built)*

*Creating marketing kit for our Miss Earth partner Vivienne to use when she approaches real world businesses to donate to our cause*

*Charity donation forthcoming for when…

Dear AquaGoat Community,

As we can all see from the chart, we have had some very rough sale patterns going on. This is coming from former members of the team who have left due to tensions and disagreements from within. It is an unfortunate development and through faults of my own that can’t be reconciled, but at the end of the day, the team that remains here still believes and will still continue to work on AquaGoat. Despite our loss with some team members, we will work on rebuilding and expanding the team to be just as good, if not…

Greetings Goat Community,

I regret to say that our expected large partner has decided to delay partnership proceedings that were expected this week, citing the need to have a further detailed review on the implications of working with and promoting cryptocurrency on a global scale. We still remain in talks with them for future programmes.

I understand that we have hyped this partnership up for so long and we ourselves were very excited to be able to announce this week, however, as pioneers in the DeFi space reaching out to form these promotional partnerships with large public organizations, there also…

Greetings AquaGoat Family,

The team is proud to announce our partnership with Alexander Yee and Friends of Sea Turtles Education & Research (FOSTER) to construct the AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery, and to clean 500m worth of beach on Libaran Island!

To elaborate on our partnership, AquaGoat will be sponsoring the construction of a sea turtle hatchery at Walai Penyu Resort and the daily clean up of 500 metres of beach for an entire year to support sea turtle nesting on the beaches of Libaran Island. Every 100m of beach sponsored will have signage commemorating AquaGoat. …

AquaGoat Finance

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