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4 min readMar 18, 2022


AMA Written Summary for March 17, 2022

Full recording available here:

Hey there Goats,

If you missed the AMA, here is a list of talking points brought up over the session. These updates and talking points are with regards to the project such as team updates, developments status, and upcoming partnerships.

Team Update: James Has Returned

For any folks who may not have noticed in the past few days, we would like to officially welcome James back to the team from his personal health break. Understandably, the departure was a bit turbulent for some, but after extended discussion, reconciling, and listening to both sides, we came to a mutual conclusion; we all hold on to the passion of seeing AquaGoat succeed no matter what.

With his return, James will continue to fulfill previous duties, but primarily focussed on handling communications with team members for socials and our various partners. There are no harsh feelings on the team regarding his sale of tokens on departure, but to re-establish position, he would have to buy back if he would like.

Developments Updates: Lottery/DEX (Aquagoat Swap)

The Lottery and DEX smart contracts for the long-awaited AquaGoatSwap platform are both undergoing audits by TechRate before the final push to live release. This has been made possible by our development partner Antier.

Despite the amount of time it has taken to develop and the countless back and forth of testing, discussion, and addition or removal of features, security has never been a second priority. Running off schedule does not give us justification to rush our product, and only gives us more reason to ensure that our goats and users will have a secure quality product. These audits will allow us to get an unbiased third-party review from a reputable organization to highlight possible errors so we can make any necessary adjustments and optimizations to the contracts before live release.

Once these two initial features are released, we will finally see our automated buyback pool begin to grow through lottery and Swap fees. The buyback pool will help feed AquaGoat liquidity and increase positive price trajectory on our chart. This should drive positive user morale and more interest into AquaGoat as price begins to pick up with the buybacks on place.

Launch Campaign

The team are formulating a launch countdown campaign for the swap that will be designed and readied so as soon as we have a definite date for launch we can promote widely. We ask the community to support this important launch and will give you the tools you need to help make the launch of the swap a crypto space needle mover for Aquagoat.

Developments Updates: NFT Marketplace

Our development partner Antier has already began development of our swap’s NFT marketplace feature. This market will allow users to publish NFTs either straight to sale or via minting, and allow users to purchase them in either BNB, AquaGoat, or other approved tokens.

Any royalties in the marketplace will be split between the artist and our buyback, development, and charity pools.

The marketplace will also provide an avenue for our future NFT developments and releases to be pushed out while also mutually benefiting artists and the world’s oceans.

Developments Updates: Beach Clean Up Game

Our lead gaming dev Seth has been taking any and all feedback into consideration for future changes and updates. Furthermore, he is also working on an underwater level and SFX design with a community member.

Development Updates: Revised WhitePaper

To establish our new updated direction for AquaGoat, we continue to work on an updated WhitePaper to provide a new overview of our upcoming developments and services we intend to provide, highlighting products to provide utility to users and the charity space while giving revenue streams to AquaGoat for further use in developments and charity work.

Development Updates: ChangeNOW Integration

For any goats who have not seen, ChangeNOW has integrated us in their crypto-to-crypto gateway. This means you can purchase AquaGoat using over 300 cryptos such as BNB, USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, etc. This should help streamline the process for users who are not familiar with how to configure a crypto wallet. Press the “Buy Now” button on our website to try it out.

This integration opens us up to future Fiat integration. There was a misconception that Fiat is open but this is still in the works.

Partners Updates: Upcoming Pageants

Building on our relationship with the environmental pageant community, we will be sponsoring two state pageants coming up this summer which will be televised and will be broadcasting our commercials. Our team has also been invited to send a representative to be a guest judge for the pageants. Additionally, we will be working with Junior individuals to create ambassadorships in schools to drive change through younger audiences and raise attention to their parents about our cause and token.