AquaGoat Finance
2 min readFeb 25, 2022


Update from AquaGoat’s Patrick Aberin

Good morning, afternoon, evening to all our goats. Hope we’re all doing well today. The markets are looking bearish as the Ukraine/Russia war commences, however, this is a great time to get crypto at a discount!

There hasn’t been an AMA in a while but thought I could jump in here to provide some updates.

Lottery (Phase 1)

We have received word that the Phase 1 of our lottery module is very close to completion. We are simply awaiting a third party audit to look through the contract code and provide us feedback with regards to any adjustments or optimizations for the code. Once the audit is completed and any adjustments are finished, the lottery will be pushed to go live. With this lottery, goats can play their luck for more AquaGoat or use other tokens to take part in our BNB lottery. A portion of the BNB pot will also feed into a random buyback pool which will trigger at random to buyback AquaGoat for positive price movement.

Swap (Phase 2)

While the lottery was worked on, the DEX was also in development. We will be running our own liquidity, and any approved projects will be able to list on our swap. The swap fees will help feed into AquaGoat liquidity and buyback pools while also providing income for development and charity. Farms and pools remain a work in progress, along with stake-to-vote charity voting.


As we have said before, we are working on an updated version of our whitepaper to replace the initial litepaper to better fit the current view of our project and include our goals and future developments. With a refreshed and updated view, we hope to impress our current goats, future goats and potential partners.

Hope this clears the air for these subjects, but if there are any Qs regarding any other parts of the project, feel free to ask away here in chat. (: