Aquagoat AMA — 2nd December 2021 — Written Summary

Video recording:




. BSC token lotteries on an innovative swap launching very soon?

. Buying the token in a far simpler way, opening it up to more supporters?

. Aquagoat sponsorship of the televised Miss Earth pageant?

. Safemoon wallet integration!

. An Aquagoat game!

. Donations to TeamSeas!

Lets get stuck in……

Coming very soon now. This is an unapologetically ambitious swap. As we are producing a new lottery function that has never been done before in the crypto space, there have been a few unforeseen bugs uncovered which our developers Antier are working through. One of these bugs is that the lottery function is not working as expected on a few specific tokens (and we testing 100’s of tokens)

To mitigate this risk, we are going to reach out to Antier to find out exactly which tokens are working as they should, and then make the decision to launch based on this information. This is a first in this space so there is no precedent.

Antier are also working in parallel on Phase 2 containing the full swap functionality which will be released shortly after Phase 1, Phase 3 is our NFT marketplace which we are working through now.

We are working on the ability to be able to buy Aquagoat direct from the website, we are in contact with a company who will integrate into the website. Timelines are Q4/Q1 2022. There will also be a buy BNB button too, so multiple buying options!

The Aquagoat team have been invited to the Miss Earth USA pageant where the Aquagoat supporting Mrs California Earth will be competing and talking about our token. It is from January 4th to the 8th and televised! We have also been invited to give a webinar to all attendees about Aquagoat! We have been invited to be one of the primary sponsors of the event and also sponsor the main Miss Earth pageant which is the bigger event.

Looking really exciting and will include leaderboards on our website and the chance to earn extra tokens, demo will be out soon.

$10,000 donation is done, We are $3,000 into the next 10K already! As a reminder, for every new holder we bring onto Aquagoat before January 1st 2022 we are giving $1 to team seas, So 13,000 new holders with a lot of promotion

As well as being one of the first tokens on the SF wallet, we are now moving to be able to get onto their swap, they are looking at our liquidity and finalising an approval. We intend to have a BNB pool and a Safemoon pool.



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