AquaGoat AMA – 15th December 2021 – Written Summary

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3 min readDec 17, 2021

[Courtesy of our amazing SydneyGoat!]

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AMA Written Summary Preview

Hello Goats, hope you are warming up for an end of year celebration, however you do it! Let’s get into the penultimate summary of 2021, and it is a big one…..Starting with some LIVE TV exposure!

Aquagoat and the Miss Earth USA Pageant

Aquagoat is proud to announce that we are the main sponsor of this beauty pageant. It’s a perfect match for Aquagoats values and environmental mission.

The big news is that the pageant will be on TV and our brand will reach out to everyone watching.

You will be able to watch on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon and also through a special app. We also think it will be screened on Youtube but will confirm!

The dates are January 6th to the 9th 2022, the team are all travelling there and there will be a red carpet interview with us as headline sponsor! Our logo will of course also show up on all the pageant backgrounds……and……….drumroll

……Aquagoat TV advertisements will be shown on air!

That’s right, surprise news is that we will have TVC’s for Aquagoat which we have been working on in the breaks PLUS every time they mention the pageant it will be ‘Sponsored by Aquagoat’ which is pretty huge.

The judges are well known in the world of Fashion and environmental awareness. We also have the largest booth space in the whole event!

This the first time the crypto space has ever seen a partnership like this and we are hugely excited about it.

The Aquagoat Swap – An update

Testing has been going really well, the connectivity to wallets issues have been figured out and fixed. The lottery is good to go development wise and will be redeployed on the main net for final testing this week. Phase 2 should now be a back to back release too. This now gives us the quality and security that we all need for a successful and credible swap and will be released in Q1 2022. The NFT marketplace will follow.


Good news here, the migration should be complete by the end of the week for all Aquagoat supporters that have funds in Bitrue. We do have a migration channel for you to ask any questions, this is on Telegram. Drop us a note on the main channel and we will point you to it for any migration issues.

Buy button on the Aquagoat website

On track for Q1 2022. We are engaging with the company that are doing it.

The Aquagoat mission and roadmap update

Aquagoats ‘endgame’ is that we want to be a driving force in the ocean conservation space. The roadmap is being reworked as we speak, adding all these ideas and we are excited to release it.

We envision Aquagoat being the leading environment and ocean conservation token. We are less than a year old and growing fast, but we are just starting here and the team is fully committed to the growth of the token. For instance, In the future we want to open up a standalone ocean conservation programme. This is no pump or dump token.

Huge thanks to Generation Crypto for the Youtube LIVE Stream!