Update on Expected Large Partnership + Other Key Developments

Greetings Goat Community,

I regret to say that our expected large partner has decided to delay partnership proceedings that were expected this week, citing the need to have a further detailed review on the implications of working with and promoting cryptocurrency on a global scale. We still remain in talks with them for future programmes.

I understand that we have hyped this partnership up for so long and we ourselves were very excited to be able to announce this week, however, as pioneers in the DeFi space reaching out to form these promotional partnerships with large public organizations, there also is a need for these large organizations to better understand the legal implications of working with cryptocurrency projects so they can set out appropriate policies and protocols on their side.

To put things simply, our expected partner wants to fully ensure that they can work with us while staying as safe as possible.

AquaGoat is fortunate to be in the position to kickstart this global review process so that other corporations have a basis to follow, making it easier for us and the world of DeFi to connect with the mainstream public through their favourite companies and brands. With AquaGoat being the first crypto experience for many of our companies and partners in talks, they are excited to work with us but also want to make sure that they have their bases covered.

With that said, there still remains countless developments in the works on our side, and we are not giving up over one potential partner delaying things. AquaGoatTrack has just been released and will be updated as time goes on, and GoatSwap is now in active development and will have full farming and staking functionalities, as well as a lottery system, dApp gaming integration, and a native NFT exchange available through the platform. Expected release is mid-late July, following a developer audit and a third party audit. Merchandising also remains in the works, with a focus on a strong supply chain, customer satisfaction and environmentally sustainable items.

We are also still working on multiple partnerships in the charity, marketing, and corporate spaces. We remain in talks with charity organizations to use AquaGoat as part of their operations so they can hold and also accept AquaGoat as a form of donation like our first partner FOSTER. We also remain in talks with multiple marketing opportunities, such as a major Asian Media PR company for further Asian market outreach and a lead on getting us involved with the water sports industry so we can “make a splash” through athletic sponsorships. I also remain in direct talks with members from multiple top-tier exchanges so we can work on getting AquaGoat listed.

With this, I encourage you all to hodl. Buy the dip if you can afford. Shill to your friends, family, coworkers. I know that the dip is tough and many investors are in the red, but the entire team is diamond handing and buying the dip with you. Rest assured that the team remains hard at work to continue bringing value to AquaGoat. We are dedicated to bringing you all positive developments, not just on the charity side of things, but also on technical developments so we can continue building and expanding the AquaGoat ecosystem to be a true DeFi platform that will benefit all investors while pursuing our mission to save our oceans.

AquaGoat to the moon, forever.
Patrick Aberin
Project Manager, AquaGoat Finance