IMPORTANT V2 Migration Reminders

  1. The last day to submit the migration form is Friday, Oct 8 11:59pm UTC.

2. The ONLY way to migrate is by filling out the form on our official website, everyone else in the comments or your DMs is a scammer.

3. There’s a 2–3 week turnaround period from the time you submit the migration form to hear from us. Please be patient as we manually help over 25,000 people. Sending us multiple follow ups, comments, and DMs will not make this go faster. In most cases, the information people are looking for are outlined. on our website.

4. is the ONLY official email for migration support you will hear from. @aquabsc is the ONLY official Twitter. Anyone else is a scammer.

5. Manually migrating everyone to V2 was the only way. We could not automatically migrate all holders due to the contract being locked and renounced, otherwise we would have done it that way and saved ourselves a lot of work.

6. As of this post, BitMart, LBank, Whitebit, VNDC and Bibox have already finished automatically migrating their users to V2; nothing needs to be done on your part. LAtoken and P2PB2B are new exchanges that have onboarded V2.

Hotbit and Bitrue are still in progress of migrating; nothing needs to be done on your part. We have done everything on our end to speed up the process; however, we have no control over how fast they choose to migrate. All other exchanges have not responded to us yet, so it is up to the users if they want to continue holding on those exchanges or buy into V2 elsewhere.

7. If you submitted with the first migration batch and still don’t see your tokens, make sure you pasted the new contract address and turn on Aquagoat in your wallet:


Also make sure you’re on the Smart Chain Network and not on the Ethereum network. If those don’t work, send us an email at We will get back to you within 2–3 weeks along with the rest of the migrators.