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3 min readSep 20, 2021

Case-by-case final migration process from V1 to V2 contract

(Important Update 2 of 2)

The whole team here have heard your concerns and we have decided we want to provide a final opportunity for long term holders of Aquagoat to be able to come with us on the journey in V2. If you are a genuine long term investor who cares about our project but missed our three week long migration period, this opportunity is for YOU. Please read the below very carefully.

Since we announced the transfer of Aquagoat V1 to V2, we have been handling an unprecedented amount of transactions and community interactions. The development team have worked day and night to help successfully manually transfer tokens held in V1 to V2. We listened to the community and transferred at a set price so investors were not out of pocket if they missed the announcement and we also extended the deadline twice to give people time to transfer.

The deadline to transfer tokens to V2 has now passed. We do understand however, that some genuine and long term investors were not able to take advantage of this migration period for various reasons, so we want to offer them one last chance. Here is the process if you feel you fit this category


Holder of Aquagoat V1 on or before August the 15th 2021

Tokens that were purchased BEFORE the AMA announcement on Monday September 6th


Fill out the new support google form posted on our official website

Submissions will be approved one by one on a case-by-case basis, so please expect a 2–3 week waiting period. Repeated messages asking for the status of your submission will not bump you up the queue.

You will receive an email from us at confirming whether your submission was approved or not based on the criteria outlined above. NOTE: we will NEVER ask for your seed phrase nor will we ever ask you to “verify” your wallet at a particular site, so do not trust anyone claiming to be us asking for these things. We will only ask for your public wallet address and/or transaction hash

Do NOT send funds until instructed to do so by the official email above. Check for exact email spelling as any other email address is NOT us

If this timeline does not work for you and you would rather participate in receiving the 4% reflections immediately, an alternative option is to sell your V1 tokens and buy into the new V2 contract. This will enable to to gain reflections as soon as you buy in

The Aquagoat team and the vast majority of our supportive community have ZERO tolerance for racism, bullying or threatening behaviour. If you display these traits your token transfer will be instantly denied.


The team are right now on their way to the Oceans Conference in San Diego to build new partnerships and forge the future of the Aquagoat token. We are fully committed to your investment and our growth. More and more exchanges are now showing their support for V2 now. V1 tokens will still exist and be tradable, but the team and associated exchanges will be interacting with V2 only once migration is complete.

We sincerely hope this helps our genuine long term investors migrate and join us on V2.

Thank you for investing in Aquagoat

The AG Dev team