AquaGoat Version 2 Migration

AquaGoat Finance
2 min readSep 8, 2021

Click here for info on How to Migrate Tokens

Greetings Goats,

If you did not know yet, AquaGoat will be migrating over to a new and improved V2 contract with attractive features that will provide long term benefit for our project;

  • Lower Supply; We will reduce initial supply from 100 Quadrillion to 1 Quadrillion
  • Better Tokenomics; 5% liquidity and 4% for holders on every transaction
  • Hard-coded Charity Tax; 1% of every transaction is sent to our charity wallet for charitable use and partnership funding
  • Exchange Tokenomics; It is now fair for all holders, whether holding in a wallet or a Tokenomics Supporting exchange, to receive reflections
  • Contract Ownership; This allows us to utilize contract functions for community benefit, such as whitelisting exchange hot wallets to support tokenomics.
  • SafeMoon Integration; As we are supported in the integration into the SafeMoon Wallet, we want to prepare for our exposure to their large investor base with a familiar but still unique token.
  • A Fresh Start; An attractive new chart without the past of V1 price action. This gives us a fresh start and makes us more attractive to new investors, especially those we will be meeting at the upcoming Oceans Conference and other events we will be attending.

Due to our renounced contract ownership and lack of access to liquidity with Version 1, we can not do a typical migration of freezing transactions, taking a snapshot, sending an equivalent amount of tokens, and pulling liquidity from the V1 contract to start liquidity on the V2 contract.

This is why we are currently running a unique token migration programme as a substitute. We ask that the community send in their tokens to our wallet address below to take part in the migration. Participants in this token migration will receive the dollar value of their tokens at time of sending plus 10 percent as an added reward. The tokens sent will be used to help fund our future liquidity.

Click here for info on How to Migrate Tokens

Wallet address to send to:

We have already begun a security audit of the new token to highlight and change any errors, and have contacted our partners and exchanges to support us in our move to the new contract. We are also going through the process of integrating our new token into our upcoming Swap platform, and things appear to remain on schedule.

We hope to take all of our loyal Goats with us as we make the move to the next stage of a new and improved AquaGoat.