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3 min readOct 3, 2021


AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery is Now Open

Updates and Photos

For the past few weeks on Libaran Island in Malaysia, FOSTER President @kt_yee Alexander Yee has been continuing the construction of the AquaGoat Turtle Hatchery. FOSTER stands for Friends of Sea Turtles Education & Research. The hatchery as well as daily beach cleanings for a year have been paid for directly using AquaGoat tokens, making history as the first cryptocurrency transaction of its kind.

September 30,2021

Hatchery Update from FOSTER President Alexander Yee @kt_yee: “Physical structure done. It includes digging an 8 inch drain around the hatchery n we buried wooden planks under it so that the monitor lizards won’t dig their way thru. Next will be landscaping. We started to do composting and will later plant flowers around the hatchery.”

October 1, 2021

AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery welcomes its first two nests! 😊🐢 We had two landings early this morning during heavy down pour. Two green turtles left 78 + 69 eggs ❤️

October 2, 2021

Not often does the island gets continuous landings… but guess what? Another 2 yesterday! We now have FOUR nests in our AquaGoat Turtle Hatchery, one was a return turtle with a tag 🐢 Even the sea creatures are flocking to AquaGoat!

What other #cryptocurrency do you know of that makes an actual TANGIBLE difference in the world?? That’s how you know we’re here to stay. And we’re just getting started! 💪🏽🙌🏽




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