AquaGoat team update

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2 min readJun 25, 2022


Goats, the core leadership team met today and had a very productive conversation, we would like to be transparent about what was discussed.

We have designed four very clear areas that have accountability within each one and also play to our individual strengths. Everything we do will map back to each one of these areas

This is a reset and allows us time to return to being a growth engine when the market picks up again.

N0ps is the technical and innovations lead — He will be managing the contract while developing DEX strategy, building out an NFT strategy and also working on some very exciting crosschain initiatives

Jhunehl is our Partnerships and real life impact lead — She will continue to look after nurturing and building the core business partnerships that will turn us into a growth engine and also take the lead on building out our real world utility. She will build her goals underneath this objective

James will lead Operations and work tactically on exchange communication and work alongside Jhunehl on strategic technical partnerships. He is accountable in this area and will report back on progress

Sydney will lead Comms and community and will work to build back up a loyal community through a strong funnel that begins with Social Media, informs new supporters through Telegram and then funnels loyal Goats through to Discord. The main Telegram group will reopen shortly and be a single source of truth. (We do not manage or control any international forums)

DG will be helping Sydney spearhead this work and will take an active role on social media strategy and managing mods and admin within Telegram. The team thanks him for his loyal support and relentless energy

Whether you are OG or brand new, this reset is about letting go of the past and aimed at us becoming a strong growth engine when the market returns, please be respectful and let’s bring positivity back to the Goat. Previous team members are in contact and in process of handing over everything as appropriate

AG has zero tolerance of abuse to any team member or supporter past or present, any abuse will be swiftly dealt with. We are all volunteers, doing our best.

Let’s do this.

Team AG