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3 min readAug 6, 2021


AquaGoat Swap lottery Function details, launch schedule and the Oceans Conference


The dev team have now received the final launch plan and schedule from our developers Antier. who are creating the AquaGoat Swap. The aim of this note is to be as transparent as we can about what’s coming and when, as well as give you some exciting details about the functionality we are building into the swap for the community and our token. PLUS we have some detail about an upcoming physical appearance at the UN endorsed Oceans Conference in San Diego!

Let’s get into it….

We can now announce what functionality is confirmed within the Goatswap Phase one Lottery function

The Phase 1 Lottery function will now have two parts; an AquaGoat lottery and a BNB lottery.

The AquaGoat lottery itself is simple; deposit a certain amount of AquaGoat to receive an NFT raffle ticket and play for a chance to win a part of the jackpot. The remaining pot will be put towards funding marketing, building partnerships, donations and the much requested token burns.

The BNB lottery is our unique function coming out with Phase 1 of the swap platform — users will be able to deposit BNB, BTC, Doge, SafeMoon and lots of others, in fact any token with a BNB liquidity pool, for an NFT raffle ticket and play for a chance to win a portion of the BNB pool.

This development means effectively any token can be used to play in our AquaGoat Swap lottery. The remaining pot will be put towards token buybacks to help raise AquaGoat price. The tokens bought back will again be used for funding marketing and developments, donations, and token burns.

Launch Schedule

The timeline as received from our developer Antier is below. As you can see there will be a delay on our launch, this is so we can perfect the BNB part of the lottery function detailed above and make sure all the security aspects are watertight before we release. We wanted to be transparent and upfront about this. We make no apologies for ensuring the security of this project, it is our number one priority and extensive testing will be carried out before we release. Marketing will begin when all testing and security QA is complete.

Test phase finalises and security QA — 25th August to 30th August

AquaGoat Swap marketing blitz begins across Poocoin and all Social Media. — 31st August

Planned Launch and full phase one lottery release — 6th September.

Aquagoat LIVE at the Oceans Conference

The Aquagoat team will also be making an appearance at the Oceans Conference in San Diego, California where global innovators and leaders in marine engineering, technology, science and research gather together to learn about cutting-edge technologies in the field.

On September 20–23, 2021, the AquaGoat team will be able to network and reach out to these industry leaders LIVE to promote the value of our token in the field.

No other cryptocurrency has ever had an exhibit at this conference, which was endorsed by the United Nations in 2017 when the UN proclaimed a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, to be held from 2021 to 2030. AquaGoat will be the first cryptocurrency to take part in that movement. We will make the most of this opportunity on behalf of our incredible community and investors.

Read more about the conference here

There are lots of opportunities to voice or video chat with the team and ask questions LIVE throughout the week:

Thu 11pm PST/ 6am UTC — Telegram voice chat

Fri 4pm PST/ 11pm UTC — Twitch AMA

Sat 1pm/ 8pm UTC — Discord voice chat

Sun 8pm/ 3am UTC — Twitter Spaces

Mon 5pm/ 12am UTC — Instagram Live

Tue 11am/6pm UTC — Telegram voice chat

Wed 6pm/1am UTC — Facebook Live

Thank you for investing in Aquagoat.

The Dev team