AquaGoat officially partners with FOSTER

Greetings AquaGoat Family,

The team is proud to announce our partnership with Alexander Yee and Friends of Sea Turtles Education & Research (FOSTER) to construct the AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery, and to clean 500m worth of beach on Libaran Island!

To elaborate on our partnership, AquaGoat will be sponsoring the construction of a sea turtle hatchery at Walai Penyu Resort and the daily clean up of 500 metres of beach for an entire year to support sea turtle nesting on the beaches of Libaran Island. Every 100m of beach sponsored will have signage commemorating AquaGoat. The total cost for this project is approximately $2500 USD, fully paid for in AquaGoat tokens.

Not only does this project align with our mission to save our oceans (and the amazing marine animals that call it home) but it also stimulates the local economy by employing the villagers for the beach clean up efforts and providing income generation by encouraging additional tourism to the area.

On top of this, we will also be opening up a cryptocurrency wallet with a base amount of AquaGoat for FOSTER to facilitate cryptocurrency donations in AquaGoat and other major cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Coin (BNB).

We believe this development is a major step into mainstream adoption for AquaGoat as organizations realize the benefit of our tokenomics, which promotes HODL-ing by providing interest over time based on their hold amount. This also incentivizes organizations to accept AquaGoat as a method of donation to increase their amount of tokens, consequently increasing the rate of interest accrued.

We want to thank Alexander Yee for reaching out to us to partner in this unique endeavour, and we are certain that this partnership will be beneficial for the ocean ecosystem around Libaran Island and the community as a whole.

About Alexander Yee:

Alexander Yee in action | source: Gaia Discovery

Alexander Yee is a resort operator turned conservationist and trained Honorary Wildlife Warden, having released over 30,000 baby sea turtles into the Sulu Sea. Alex believes in the three Ps — benefit the Planet, the People, and provide Profit for those involved to continue in their efforts. Through this, Alex has successfully focused on his mission while stimulating the local economy of the island, creating a beautiful synergy between conservation and community.

Alex operates the Walai Penyu Resort, which offers tourism packages for interested parties. A portion of every package is held in reserve as conservation fees for FOSTER to continue with their sea turtle related programmes.

Alex is also a crypto pioneer in Malaysia, having done the first land transaction in Sabah by selling 1.219 hectares of land on Libaran Island for .5 Bitcoin back in 2018.

Learn more about Alexander Yee:

Walai Penyu:

Bitcoin Land Sale:



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