AquaGoat is here to stay.

AquaGoat Finance
3 min readJul 5, 2021


Dear AquaGoat Community,

As we can all see from the chart, we have had some very rough sale patterns going on. This is coming from former members of the team who have left due to tensions and disagreements from within. It is an unfortunate development and through faults of my own that can’t be reconciled, but at the end of the day, the team that remains here still believes and will still continue to work on AquaGoat. Despite our loss with some team members, we will work on rebuilding and expanding the team to be just as good, if not better than what we had before. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to come forward and join our team to build up AquaGoat into an amazing project. A dip or drop in price is not any reason for us to quit, but more of a reason for us to work harder.

I know that the past few weeks have been very hard for all of us, for both the team and you, the investors. Many investors here bought at around ATH, or bought at a dip that they thought was the bottom. I and the rest of the team feel your pain as we continue to diamond hand and have also watched our balance decrease in value while whales continue to dump on us. While it is definitely rough as a dollar value, the positive light here is that at least the supply is becoming decentralized. Less supply is being controlled by these whales, and I would rather see them sell for cheap than sell for a higher value and kill a pump. This dip is a discount if you truly believe in AquaGoat, and a great way to reduce your dollar cost average on your investment if you can afford it. Otherwise, I urge you all to hodl as you will earn reflections on the way back up.

Through this dip, AquaGoat still continues to work on developments and partnerships. GoatSwap continues to be developed as part of the AquaGoat ecosystem we are developing, and we will be releasing an announcement soon which will highlight some of the unique features we have planned, and will be marketed out to drive more hype. We have our Mrs. Earth partnership which will get us national exposure through the US and potentially globally if she wins Mrs. Earth USA. We have Certik who is auditing us and will bring us an added layer of security and legitimacy. We also have our FOSTER partnership which will fund construction of a turtle hatchery, allow AquaGoat to be used at @YKTAL’s resort for services, and will allow adoption for turtles through the hatchery as well. On top of this, there are many more partnerships and developments that we have in the works to continue pushing AquaGoat to success.

AquaGoat is a long term project, so value takes time to be realized. We all want to see our investments grow in value, but I ask you all to be patient. The markets are looking better, our developments are being worked on, our value will be realized. The team will not stop because of a dip in price. The project does not die because some whales decided to dump us. The project does not end because some members decide to leave. The team will only continue to work even harder to make sure AquaGoat is a success and reaches the moon, and we want to take you all with us.

AquaGoat, to the moon, forever.

Patrick Aberin

Project Manager, AquaGoat Finance