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7 min readJan 25, 2022


AquaGoat in 2022 — Oceans of opportunity await

Welcome back to all our supporters around the world, we hope you had a relaxing break and are safe and well, and if you are getting ready for the lunar new year then please enjoy the celebrations.

A new year brings with it time to reflect upon 2021 and look forward to many new opportunities. We are pleased to be able to share with you today some of the things to be getting excited about in 2022 as we gear up for the year of the Goat!

If you’re new to us, stop reading for a moment and check out our “Why support AquaGoat” post here first.

So, to 2022. An overarching project goal is to widen our ocean of influence and attract new supporters to our young project. To do this we need to reduce the barriers to entry and attract new segments of supporters, here’s the plan….

Buy button and credit card gateway

To enable this we are working with a company who is building for us a user-friendly and simplified crypto-to-crypto gateway enabling a much simpler way of supporting our cause linked directly from our website.

The second phase of this buy button work is where it gets really exciting, as we will be adding support for fiat transfer (cold hard cash and credit card payments!)

Why? — This work will open up AquaGoat to previously unreachable, less savvy but equally enthusiastic potential supporters who will be able to join us without friction or technical knowledge.

When? — We have a 2–3 month lead time for this work but it has already commenced. We will keep you fully informed of progress.

Bitrue has completed the contract swap!

After some issues, the exchange Bitrue has completed the contract swap, and we are pleased to say that trading is now live!

NFT opportunities and Market Development

In all our recent external conversations, the subject of NFT’s has been a hot topic and we are involved in many discussions with companies and individuals about how AquaGoat can help them develop and monetise NFT’s. We are following a lot of these up and exploring the best.

Report from the Miss Earth Pageant in January

Goats will be aware that AquaGoat was the headlining sponsor of this year’s Miss Earth pageant that just completed, we had our brand proudly on display at the event and our TV commercials were running on the VIP TV Channel available on AppleTV, Roku and Fire.

You can watch the raw footage of #AquaGoat’s red carpet interview at the. finale here! Interviewed by the lovely @MissEarth 2020 Lindsey Coffey:

(AquaGoat interview starts at 14:45)

View the four AquaGoat commercials that were aired here:

If you missed the live events when they aired on TV, you can watch replays by downloading the VIP Pageant app on your phone and clicking on the links below.

The main event and Full Miss Earth USA 2022 show (including AquaGoat commercials):

The Full MRS. Earth USA 2022 show (also including our commercials and Mrs. California Earth Vivienne Frederiksen-Santos who has been an early supporter and partner of AquaGoat):

The full Teen Miss Earth USA 2022 show (which has our commercials as well):

……and we asked Jhunehl, one of our AquaGoat Project Leaders, for her main takeaways and next steps:

“We were able to form so many meaningful connections at the pageant with company CEOs and individuals who want to either work with or represent AquaGoat on a larger scale. We were also able to expose our brand to hundreds of thousands of viewers at the live events as well as on TV. The opportunities and possibilities that have opened up for us because of this event are endless, and we are pursuing numerous leads at the moment.”

The pageant has led to several offers of being ambassadors for AquaGoat which we are following up on. For example, the team connected with state organisers — They want to see how we can partner with them, so we can start an ambassador youth programme! Again this plays into opening up new segments and potentially lucrative new supporters. We are in the process of developing an ambassador program to accommodate and organize all the interest that has started to bubble up from the event.

Below you can also see our ads in the pageant magazine as well as Mrs. Vivienne’s shoutout to us and our clean-ups with her:

Partnership tease

There is an exciting opportunity forming for an international partnership. It is in early stages so we cannot give much away as we are covered by legal non-disclosure agreements, however we are working hard to bring a game-changing joint vision to life and will tell you more when we can after the company reached out to us. The Industry being targeted is a favourable market, primed for a lot of growth and aligned with our mission.

In another partnership development, Alex Yee is busy writing a book that will feature a chapter on AquaGoat and the turtle hatchery, and he is drawing larger organisations into Aquagoat by constantly raising awareness.

The AquaGoat Game

In our upcoming game Aquagoat Beach Cleanup players will scour the sands and tides to clean up the trash all while keeping an eye out for the ever present villains

who would like nothing more than thwart your environmental efforts.

Race against the clock in this play-to-earn video game to achieve the highest score possible and earn rewards, all while assisting Aquagoat in the pursuit of a cleaner oceanic environment.

By securing your spot on the leaderboard you could be a part of the movement we so desperately need to clean up our oceans and shores.

The beta version is set to come out early February and we will select community members to test it. Users with select access will have the exclusive opportunity to get a first-glimpse into the gameplay and provide feedback which will aid development in the final product.

We are also working on an ocean-themed NFT-based collection game revolving around upgradable limited-time-holding NFTs. The intended aim is to allow the users to customize and create their own masterpieces and “release them into the wild” to be sold off on NFT marketplaces. Level ups and upgrades of varying rarities and supply would be purchasable, adding to the uniqueness of each NFT and raising its value, helping to provide income streams for both the player and AquaGoat.

And who knows? Maybe there will be an additional utility to these NFTs… (;

The AquaGoat Swap

We know and acknowledge that this has been a long time coming. It is still coming. At present there are unacceptable bugs appearing during testing that would impact you, our supporters. Put simply, we know there is money and trust at risk here so we refuse to release a product that is not ready yet. For instance, we discovered in the multi-token lottery that there were exorbitant gas rates being applied to some tokens based on their internal contract workings upon entering the lottery, some transactions costing as much as $50 in gas fees due to how that particular token’s contract works. We just can’t launch with those in place. Know that we are working for solutions constantly and we will keep you fully appraised.

Last but not least, our new website is bigger, brighter and more informative than ever, especially with our new roadmap. So get stuck in!

Thanks for supporting Aquagoat, we’re looking forward to realising oceans of opportunity in 2022!