AMA Written Summary & Project update 25th July

**Executive Summary of whats going on right now in this project (For the time poor)**

*Phase 1 of Aquagoat Swap — Antier Solutions working hard on development. Patrick chasing for update*

*Talks with a top 10 exchange ongoing and active focus. Price action expected*

*Marketing ads and other material for when the swap is ready to go*

*Comms strategy ramping up*

*Certik Audit published*

*Press releases for daily beach clean ups that just started with our partner FOSTER (for the area where our turtle hatchery will be built)*

*Creating marketing kit for our Miss Earth partner Vivienne to use when she approaches real world businesses to donate to our cause*

*Charity donation forthcoming for when Slam Token sends us our first share from our partnership with them (50% of the bankroll)*

*Organising daily live chats on our different social media platforms*

*Going through applications sent from people keen to join our growing team*

*Negotiations with two other potential partners*

*WE NEED MODS and GRAPHICS DESIGNERS! Come join the team.*

**Aquagoat AMA team attendees**

**Jhunehl -** Full time Goat and Marketing / Charity lead.

**Patrick** - Project Lead / Full time Goat / CEO.

**Kat -** Social Media Lead.

**James -** Social Media Lead

**Exchange Questions**There is a **top ten exchange** we’re in contact with that now has reached out to us, we are currently negotiating with them. It’s a really large exchange and that is good as we want high quality exchanges which how our value and legitimises us! We’re not sure on how soon it will come but we’re on it!

Technically listing is free but they have mandatory marketing fees etc, that is what we are negotiating. For them to build up their liquidity they have to buy our tokens, so that brings upward price movement.

Patrick will post an update on *Bitmart and Tokenomics* on Reddit today

*Hotbit* question- To be able to trade Aquagoat on Hotbit, we have the Micro USDT (MUSDT), it basically allows you to be able to invest with a smaller denomination of USDT. It doesn’t change anything, but it helps as we have a lot more decimal places, it helps allow investment into tokens. If people have MUSDT they can trade for USDT and vie versa on the Hotbit platform

**Aquagoat Swap**

This will be released in phases, first phase is a unique lottery function, allowing you to play for more AG or BNB. Phase 2 will be own liquidity, farming, staking and participating in a token pool launchpad to allow new tokens with an opportunity to be known through our ecosystem, plus phase 3 is NFT Marketplace.

Patrick spoke to Antier Solutions who are building the swap (One of the top Blockchain solutions companies in the world), he is awaiting the UI to be handed over, development is going really well.


Some amazing conversations going on with billion dollar companies, these things take time as legal teams are wary but people are making the right noises towards us! One company we are talking to is HUGE, we’re in contact with many organisations who are taking an interest. Our brand is showing good karma and driving companies towards us. Lots of things taking time but all happening at the same time.


We’re starting LIVE voice chats on all social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram a twitter room; you name it! We’ll be going hard on this as we come up to the Aquagoat Swap coming out, this is so we get more people in the know of what is coming which will help everyones investment. Schedule coming but first one this week. There is a lot of work being done in the comms space. Ads are in place in Instagram. We’re also working on Tik Tok actively. Even though they ‘banned’ Crypto ads, there are ways we can still advertise, like say we have a ‘service’.

**Charities update**

There is a lot of activity on the *FOSTER Turtle Sanctuary sponsorship* \- A press release has gone out. The land has been chosen, the clean up has actually happened. We have. Aquagoat signage up every 500 metres. Construction will then star and our logo and company will be on TV coverage

Mrs Earth is currently in LA but she’s normally around the Bay Area where Jhunehl is. When we have Merch we will organise the physical beach clean up.We want to be smart with our time and our energy.

SLAM donation is forthcoming when we receive funds from the game.

With the market how it is we are building foundations and focussing on the groundwork. Work constantly going on in the background. The Charities wallet is on hold at present, it makes more sense to wait till the swap comes out and our price picks up so this wallet can do more good. We are looking at moving donations to once a month so we can have more impact.

**Price update**

Aquagoat has been working hard to build the foundations of a very strong and credible project, we are not a pump and dump coin. At our last ATH we only had Charity donations, now you only have to look at the summary to see what we have. The whole market is down at the moment, when BTC recovers along with BNB we will see projects with firm foundations fly and leave the pump and dump coins behind. When we build it, they will come.


Being finalised, you’ll be able to buy directly on our website and through other sites.. Trying to be all eco-friendly, shirts and accessories are on the way

**Team Members needed!**

*Call out for Graphic Designers*If you want to help, please reach out to the team, we are a community token and need your help!

*Telegram mods* are also needed, **particularly in the US Sleeping hours** Apply to team. We need mods so that the Dev team can do the good work discussed above.




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