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Greetings Goats,

If you did not know yet, AquaGoat will be migrating over to a new and improved V2 contract with attractive features that will provide long term benefit for our project;

IMPORTANT V2 Migration Reminders

2. The ONLY way to migrate is by filling out the form on our official website, everyone else in the comments or your DMs is a scammer.

3. There’s a 2–3…

AquaGoat Sea Turtle Hatchery is Now Open

Updates and Photos

For the past few weeks on Libaran Island in Malaysia, FOSTER President @kt_yee Alexander Yee has been continuing the construction of the AquaGoat Turtle Hatchery. FOSTER stands for Friends of Sea Turtles Education & Research. …

Aquagoat AMA 22nd September — Written summary of main points

**Aquagoat AMA written summary 22nd September 2021**

Been a very busy few weeks, let’s get everyone updated…

Jhunehl was LIVE at the UN endorsed Oceans Conference in San Diego. In person!

Aquagoat are running a physical booth there and are…

Case-by-case final migration process from V1 to V2 contract

(Important Update 2 of 2)

The whole team here have heard your concerns and we have decided we want to provide a final opportunity for long term holders of Aquagoat to be able to come with us on the journey in…

Important Information Regarding V1 Contract Price

(Update 1 of 2)

Yesterday, many investors were shocked to see a massive spike in V1 price and were surprised to receive significantly less tokens when they tried to sell what they thought was a huge bag. The V1 price on TrustWallet and CMC…

If you are an AquaGoat holder looking to join the token migration, please read below.

If you are a holder on an exchange, please read from Step 1.

If you are holding through a crypto wallet, please skip to Step 6.

Step 1 — Download a crypto wallet from the…

AquaGoat Swap lottery Function details, launch schedule and the Oceans Conference


The dev team have now received the final launch plan and schedule from our developers Antier. who are creating the AquaGoat Swap. The aim of this note is to be as transparent as we can about what’s coming…

**Executive Summary of whats going on right now in this project (For the time poor)**

*Phase 1 of Aquagoat Swap — Antier Solutions working hard on development. Patrick chasing for update*

*Talks with a top 10 exchange ongoing and active focus. Price action expected*

*Marketing ads and other material for when the swap is ready to go*

*Comms strategy ramping up*

*Certik Audit published*


Dear AquaGoat Community,

As we can all see from the chart, we have had some very rough sale patterns going on. This is coming from former members of the team who have left due to tensions and disagreements from within. It is an unfortunate development and through faults of my…

AquaGoat Finance

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